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You must be gaga!


Donald Trump postage stampWell, 2016 has certainly provided surprises on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in the world of politics.
First we had the referendum result in Great Britain to leave the European Union, and now the shock of a person with no experience as a politician being elected as the President of the United States.

Someone had a premonition!!

Take a look at the souvenir sheet below, issued by the Central African Republic for this year’s New York Stamp Show. It features ‘Famous’ New Yorkers. On the stamp itself television and radio host Larry King and television host and actor Jimmy Fallon are depicted.
But on the border are film star Eddie Murphy, businessman Donald Trump and singer Lady Gaga. Both Murphy and Lady Gaga were Hillary Clinton supporters and you can imagine him saying “I am going to be President”.
And, below, Liberia released this stamp showing the U.S. election candidates.


Interesting times ahead?


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