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applesThen these stamps from Australia are for you!!
Recently issued by Australia Post, they feature labels that were placed on fruit boxes from the 1920s until the 1970s. The attractive,colourful paper labels displayed information on the produce and its associated growers, shippers and exporters and were pasted onto the ends of wooden fruit cases as a means of identification and promotion.

This stamp issue follows the popular Nostalgic Advertisements stamp issue released by Australia Post in 2014. The above stamps were designed by Jo Muré of the Australia Post Design Studio, based on original artwork by unknown designers. We would be very grateful if any of our readers could provide information regarding the original artist(s).

apple packers
Apple packers 1932

This stamp features Paterson & Co. “Red gum Pack” apples. This colourful label was from one of the largest shippers of apples and pears in Western Australia during the labels era. The P&Co. brand was registered between 1934 and 1962, when Western Australia was the second-largest apple growing region in the country.

Above we have The River’s Pride Navel oranges – This label features the town of Barham, on the mighty Murray River in New South Wales, complete with paddle steamer and stylised orange groves. Barham, along with neighbouring border town Koondrook, still grows, packs and exports citrus fruit.

L. H. Kile “Robin” brand apples – This brightly designed label advertises apples from Tasmania – the ‘Apple Isle’. In the nineteenth century, the Kile family became one of many pioneering orchardist families of the Huon district. A fifth generation of the Kile family is still growing fruit in the area. The label is part of the renowned Troedel Printing Archive in the State Library Victoria.

The last stamp features the label promoting Wm. H. Price Pty. Ltd. Special Ohanez grapes – This label, another from the Troedel Printing Archive, is from a prominent Australian exporting firm of the labels era, which exported grapes, citrus, apples, pears and more using distinctive bright blue labels. Special Ohanez grapes are still grown in Australia, and grapes are still a significant Australian horticultural export industry.

One of the last truckloads of apples to be exported from Australia in wooden boxes, 1955.
One of the last truckloads of apples to be exported from Australia in wooden boxes, 1955.

The stamp release includes a special concertina sheetlet pack. This highly collectible item uses a fold-out design and presents the stamp designs in four 10 x A$1 sheetlets.
Other products include a prestige booklet, first day cover, stamp pack, maxicard set of four, gutter strip of 10 x A$1 stamps with design, booklet of 10 x A$1 self-adhesive stamps and a roll of 100 x A$1 self-adhesive stamps.


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