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New Stamps (6)


Day after day new postage stamps are issued depicting a variety of topics. Here are some examples of recently-issued stamps featuring a variety of topics.


They might make some people’s skin crawl, but this recently-released set featuring snakes native to the issuing country, Namibia, will be attractive to others.


Luis Alberto Spinetta (born 23 January 1950 – died 8 February 2012), also known as El Flaco (the thin one), is acknowledged as the father of Argentinean rock music. In recognition, Argentina has issued this stamp depicting him at the height of his fame.

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Israel has a new set, showing Israeli-produced motor cars. They are, from left to right.  Standard Carmel from 1936, Kaiser Manhattan from 1951 , Sabra Sport from 1961 and the Sufa Jeep from 1992.


French Antarctica celebrates the policing of its territories in the region by the Gendarmerie Nationale with these stamps.


Corcovado is a national park in beautiful Costa Rica, where the diversity of flora and fauna is stunning. This sheet highlights three cat species native to the park which are in danger of extinction. Fortunately much attention is being paid to protect the animals in that region. From left to right they are the ocelot, the jaguarundi and the jaguar.


And this set of eight stamps released by Bhutan shows the native flora and fauna.


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