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New stamps (4)

Azarbaijan stamps

Ice hockey stamp Canada 2014Day after day new postage stamps are issued depicting a variety of topics. Below you can find a selection of these releases from the whole world.

Azarbaijan stampsAzerbaijan issued this block about the oil platforms in the Caspian Sea.

Belarus stampsIt’s that time of the year again: Christmas stamps are being issued by the dozen. Above an example from Belarus.

Latvia stampsOn the 23th of August it was the 25th Anniversary of the Baltic Way. With a human chain connecting the Baltic capitals of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius the people of these then-Soviet republics wanted to draw attention to their struggle for independence.

Greenland stampsGreenland presented this joint issue with the Ross Dependency titled From Pole to Pole. Both territories issued a round stamp in a block depicting local wildlife. Above you can see the Greenland issue.

Dominican Republic stampsThe Dominican Republic celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Duartino Institute with this stamp.

Canada stampsCanada issued this block depicting Zamboni ice cleaning machines, each painting in the colours of and NHL ice hockey team. The stamps were issued both in the block visible and as self-adhesive stamps.

Canada stampsIn the same series Canada also issued these stamps in the form of trading cards (or, actually trading cards you could theoretically use for postage). They depict defense men from Canadian ice hockey.


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