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The Un-Inverted Jenny

Inverted Jenny congratsulations

The original Inverted JennyOn the 23rd of September 2013, USPS issued a stampsheet with the reprint of the famous 1918 Inverted Jenny stamp.
The Postal Service has also printed 100 additional sheets of stamps of the recently issued $2 Inverted Jenny stamp but with the plane flying right-side up, creating an instant collector’s item.

All stampsheets were individually wrapped in a sealed envelope to recreate the excitement of finding an Inverted Jenny when opening the envelope and to avoid the possibility of discovering a corrected Jenny prior to purchase.

upright inverted Jenny sheet

“We are leveraging the incredible story behind the rare collectible as a creative way to generate interest in stamp collecting while highlighting the role the Post Office Department had in developing the commercial aviation industry,” Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said.

Inverted Jenny congratsulations

Individuals purchasing ‘corrected Jenny sheets’ will find a congratulatory note inside the wrapping asking them to call a phone number to receive a certificate of acknowledgement signed by the Postmaster General.

certificate inverted Jenny reprint

A single upright $2 Jenny Invert stamp cut from a pane of six will be offered May 21 by Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions in Danbury, Conn.
The stamp was cut from the upper left corner of the 10th reported find of the intentionally created upright variety pane.

Upright Inverted Jenny stamp

Stamp dealer Ross Wiessmann, who identifies himself as the consignor, discovered the pane in January and personally trimmed the stamp from the pane.

The stamp with selvage is estimated by Kelleher at $15,000 to $20,000, with an opening bid of $7,500.

So far 17 out of 100 sheets have been discovered.

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