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Bird of the year – Common Kingfisher

Kingfisher stamp issued by Estonia

Kingfisher stamp issued by EstoniaEach year the Estonian Post (Eesti Post) issues a birdstamp entitled ‘Bird of the year’. The partridge, the plover, the shrike, the yellow wagtail, and the elk were the subject in previous issues in this series. This year, on the 20th of March they came up with a beautiful stamp depicting a Kingfisher.

Due to its extraordinary colours the Common Kingfisher, (Alcedo atthis), is called the Nordic jewel and the pearl of rivers. Both the kingfisher’s plumage, as well as the shape of its body, are unique. It nests on the banks of rivers, brooks and bigger ditches lined with trees and rivers, the banks of which offer opportunities for digging its nest. The kingfisher particularly likes shallow rivers with pure water. It mainly feeds on small fish. We can expect to see the kingfisher round the year, but only a few remain here for the winter. The Estonian Ornithological Society picks the bird of the year since 1995. More information about the Common Kingfisher can be found in the internet, where it has numerous sites.

Stamp information

Face value:     0.45
Issue  date:     20.03.2014
Designer:     Vladimir Taiger
Quantity issued:     60 000
Sheets:     4 x 5
Size:     40,88 x 41,3 mm
Perforation:     12¾ : 13
Print:     offset


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