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Classic children’s TV shows featuring on stamps.

Classic Children's TV Stamp Set

Classic Children's TV Stamp Set Great Britain 2014Peppa Pig, the Wombles and the Magic roundabout are just a few of the TV shows coming to life this year with the Royal Mail classic children’s TV stamps.
12 Mint Stamps , each one featuring original images from our chosen TV programmes. Made even more charming and collectable by the fact that each character is breaking out of the standard stamp format.

Classic Children’s TV

Classic Children's TV Stamp Set

Andy Pandy
First screened in 1950, Andy Pandy co-starred with Teddy and Looby Loo.

Ivor the Engine
Ivor the Engine worked in the ‘top left-hand corner of Wales’ from 1959.

Dougal – The Magic Roundabout
Created by Serge Danot, this popular series made its UK debut in 1965.

Windy Miller – Camberwick Green
Broadcast from 1966, the series was narrated by Play School’s Brian Cant

Mr Benn
Mr Benn appeared in 1971, and the shopkeeper appeared ‘as if by magic’.

Great Uncle Bulgaria – The Wombles
The Wombles introduced us all to the idea of recycling way back in 1973.

This ‘saggy old cloth cat’ first appeared on our Television screens in 1974.

Paddington Bear
The well-meaning bear from Darkest Peru found TV stardom in 1975.

Postman Pat
The friendly postman first appeared in 1981, together with his cat Jess.

Bob the Builder
Can he fix it? Yes he can, and he’s been doing so ever since 1998.

Peppa Pig
This lovable and cheeky little pig celebrates her 10th anniversary in 2014.

Shaun the Sheep
Following ‘A Close Shave’ in 1995, Shaun graduated to TV in 2007.

Issue Date: 7th January 2014Have a look at our online catalogue to see more stamps from Great Britain.

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