Latvijas Pasts releases first stamps denominated only in euros

By in Flora, Nature, Stamp news on January 13, 2014
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Astere stampLatvijas Pasts (the Latvian postal service) has released the first stamps denominated only in euros. Six new additions were made to its ‘Flowers’ series, each with a different denomination.

Stamps depicting flowers

The designer of the Flowers series stamps is artist Girts Griva, and the stamps are accompanied by a first day envelope and cancellation. In 2013 Latvijas Pasts released stamps with dual denominations – in both lats (Latvian currency) and euros. However, the new stamps of the Flowers series are not only the first stamps released by Latvijas Pasts in 2014, but also the first to be denominated only in euros.

Latvijas Pasts released first stamps denominated in euros

Latvijas Pasts says that stamps denominated in lats can still be used throughout 2014. They will be removed from circulation on January 1, 2015. There is no time restriction on the usage of stamps denominated in both lats and euros. The denomination of stamps released by Latvijas Pasts before January 2013 is always LVL, even if the currency has not been indicated, whereas stamps denominated in euros can be recognized by the € symbol.

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