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John Lennon on stamps

John Lennon op postzegels

john lennonOn December the 8th, 1980, I was driving home from my office in London when the newscaster on the BBC radio station I was listening too made an announcement that so shocked me that I drove through a red light at a very busy road junction – and with great good fortune managed to avoid a collision with another vehicle. The news that caused me to completely lose concentration was that former Beatle John Lennon had been shot and killed in New York – he was 40 years old. Perhaps some of you out there can remember where you were when you heard this news. Fortunately, the music that he and his fellow Beatles created, and which certainly changed youth culture in the 1960s/70s lives on. Mali issued this colourful stamp set in 1996, depicting Lennon at various stages in his career. Visit postbeeld.com to see our full range of John Lennon items, including one quite special release from Burkina Faso.

John Lennon op postzegels


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