Guernsey Stamp Year-Programme 2014

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Date Description Topic Info
08.01.2014 Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse Astrology 6 values
12.02.2014 Endangered Species: The Orangutan Wildlife 1 value
08.05.2014 Europa – National Musical Instruments Europa 6 values
28.05.2014 Celebrating 50 years of Britain in Bloom (SEPAC) SEPAC 6 values
30.07.2014 Marine Life II: Crustaceans Marine Life 6 values
30.07.2014 Scenes of Guernsey scenery 6 values
06.112014 Guernsey Christmas Stamps Christmas 6 values
11.11.2014 Centenary of The Great War History 7 values

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2 thoughts on “Guernsey Stamp Year-Programme 2014

  1. Dave Laurillard

    Very disappointed not to find details or pictures of the stamps to be issued in November to commemorate the Centenary of the Great War and why is there no stamps to mark the start of the conflict, as per Jersey?
    Do those people who decide on future stamp issues not realise the huge effect on the Bailiwick during this period? Just as important as the Occupation period. There was a huge casualty list of men and women from the Bailiwick – Islanders and French, volunteers and conscripts, while the 1st Battalion Royal Guernsey Light Infantry was almost wiped out in two battles in 1917 &1918
    I hope there will be more issues concerning this war over the next four years, especially remembering all those pre 1915 volunteers who did not return and the men of the 1st Batt.RGLI who were casualties, as, so far, there has not been one stamp issued by Guernsey concerning WW1 in all the 45 years of postal independence. However there have been far too many frivolous subjects and issues.
    I hope this will be rectified in future.
    Dave Laurillard

  2. 2

    Dear Dave,
    Freestampmagazine will most certainly give attention to this subject in the upcoming period.
    Today we published this article about the Great Britain stamp that commemorates the World War 1 centenary:

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