Kyrgyzstan Stamp Year-programme 2014

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Date Description Topic Info
1st quarter Year of the Horse Fauna 1 value
1st quarter Winter Olympics Sochi Sports 4 values
1st quarter Heroes of Kirgizstan:
D. Sadyrbayev, director, Z. Kenesh, stateman
History 2 values
2nd quarter National Horse Games: Er Sayish Sports 1 value
2nd quarter Red Book: Fauna Fauna 2 values
2nd quarter UNESCO: Clogs and Tapistries Art 2 values
3rd quarter World Cup Football Brazil Sports 4 values
3rd quarter Poet T. Satylkanov 150Yrs,
Artist S. Chokmorov 75Yrs
Culture 2 values
3rd quarter Cotton Flora 1 block
4th quarter 7 Saints Religion 7 values
+ block
4th quarter Winter Sports Culture 2 values
4th quarter 175Yrs S. Baatyr,
125Yrs A. Orozbekov,
125Yrs A. Sydykov
Politics 3 values

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One thought on “Kyrgyzstan Stamp Year-programme 2014

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    Did you know that Kyrgyzstan has TWO offiial postal operators and that they each issue their own stamps… and both are recognized by the UPU? Kyrgyz Post (state enterprise) at and Kyrgyz Express Post (KEP – private enterprise) at I think you need to have separate catalogue entries for each.

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