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Belarus Stamp Year-programme 2015

Belarus Stamp year-programme 2014
Date Description Info
23.01.2015  Architectural monuments of capitals 1 value
30.01.2015 Machine building of Belarus 5 values
19.02.2015 Oriental calendar 2015 1 block
10.03.2015 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War souvenir sheet
+ 1 stamp
21.03.2015 175th birth anniversary of Francishak Bahushevich —
Belarusian poet, writer, publicist and translator
1 value
21.03.2015 Pastoral ministry of Honor Patriarchal Exarch
of All Belarus Metropolitan Philaret in Belarus
1 block
26.03.2015 20th Belarusian Energy and Ecology Congress 1 value
26.04.2015 Bird of the year. Long-eared owl 1 value
13.04.2015 EUROPA. Old toys 2 values
16.04.2015 525th birth anniversary of Francysk Skaryna block
May.2015 Central Botanical Garden of NAS of Belarus 4 values
May.2015 Eurasian Economic Union 1 value
Jun.2015 1000th anniversary of the demise of St. Vladimir 1 block
Jul.2015 Theatres of Belarus. Brest Academic Drama Theatre 1 value
Aug.2015 Municipal arms of Belarus towns. Shchuchin 2 values
Sep.2015 WWF. Speckled ground squirrel 4 values
Sep.2015 Theatres of Belarus. Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre 1 value
Oct.2015 70th anniversary of the United Nations 1 value
Nov.2015 Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! 2 values

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