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Bulgaria 2021
100 years of Bulgaria’s Rhodope narrow-gauge railway was commemorated with this stamp sheet. The railway has been under threat for many years due to lack of investment but there is hope that as a tourist attraction the line will survive.
Norway 2021

Stamps were issued by Norway in 2021 to celebrate 100 years of the Dovre-Banen railway (now the Dovre Line) which links Oslo to the northern historic city of Trondheim. Seen here is the cover of a prestige booklet and below two of the stamps from the booklet.

Norway 2021
Romania 2021

Beautifully-illustrated 2021 ‘European Year of Rail’ stamp set from Romania.

Top left, Lei 1.40 is the “Resicza” No. 2 steam locomotive, the first built in South-east Europe, in 1872, at the Reșița locomotive factory; then the Lei 2 face value is a DMU (diesel multiple unit) train at the new Henri Coanda Airport Rail station, from which trains run direct to the station Bucharest North. The third stamp, Lei 5.50, shows a 060 DA (diesel-electric) type locomotive, built in Romania between 1959 and 1988 and modernised between 2000 and 2007. The stamp with the face value of Lei 19.50 has a 41-series 060 EA electric locomotive, this model was built in Romania between 1964 and 1991.

Curacao 2021

This fine ‘Trains of South America’ set produced by Curacao in 2021 shows the following:

A Colombian freight train in Aracataca, a city in Magdalena and birthplace of the author Gabriel García Márquez (1927-2014); for Ecuador a train is shown at the station in the village of Alausi, a town particularly well-known across Ecuador for its railway heritage; then Argentina, a Cargo train crossing Argentinian Patagonia; Bolivia – a train in Avaroa, Bolivia, South America; then there is a Brazilian freight train in the interior of the State of São Paulo; and finally, Peru – a train with the Andes mountain range in the background, near Puno, Peru.

The Gambia 2021

Stamp minisheet 2021 from The Gambia with electric trains from various countries. In the border is a Dutch Nederlandse Spoorwegen Plan V train from 1964.

Gabon 2000

Has anyone the answer as to why The Gambia used the same artwork seen on the above year-2000-issued Gabon railway stamp sheet?

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