kopjeRoyal Mail issued this set of stamps that give a timeline across thousands of years of history, from a glimpse of Stone Age ritual of 11,000 years ago, to the Iron Age of some 300 BC. The stamps show famous iconic sites as well as some of the most exceptional artefacts, and overlays illustrations to show how people lived and worked at these sites and used the objects.

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CancellationsThe steady decline of mail sent in the Netherlands has lead PostNL to a new “innovation”: the withdrawal of rubber stamps at postal service desks as of 1 January 2017. This does not affect regular mail, but only registered mail and parcels, which are almost always paid for at the desks or through a franking machine.

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1In this series, we have already seen that the stamp collecting virus had spread quickly in 1862 in Europe. But had the virus reached the Netherlands? The answer is yes, but not until the end of that year. The first philatelic article appeared in the Netherlands in October 1862 in ‘Het Nederlandsch Jaarboekje der Posterijen’ (the Netherlands Postal Yearbook). The Schiedam postmaster S. Gille Heringa had translated articles from the Magasin Pittoresque (see episode 7) written by Natalis Rondot, and entitled them: ‘Postage Stamps by Natalis Rondot, freely translated’. The series continued in the yearbooks from 1863 and 1864.

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