The man who posted himselfWas the title of a fascinating book published in 2010, written and illustrated by John Tingey, who started collecting stamps more than fifty years ago when his parents gave him his first stamp album and a 6d packet of stamps bought from a Woolworths store.

So who was this seemingly strange Englishman? W. Reginald Bray (1879-1939) was an ordinary middle-class Englishman living in the then leafy South London suburb of Forest Hill.

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1September 2nd, 2016 was the 350th anniversary of the outbreak of the 1666 Great Fire of London. The fire destroyed four-fifths of the City – nearly all of the civic buildings and around 13,000 private houses. Amazingly there were only six reported deaths.

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postcardCommonly recognised for having a particular sense of humour, one British institution – the ‘saucy postcard’ – was in 1994 celebrated by the issuance of a set of stamps by Royal Mail to commemorate 100 years of the genre. Guaranteed to be found at virtually every coastal resort in Britain, their popularity never seems to wane.

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