kopjeFollowing the recently published Freddie Mercury article and having just heard the Queen song ‘Bicycle Race’ on the radio, I sought out some Bicycle-themed stamps. And there are hundreds!

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tonga stampAmong the hundreds of stamps recently added to PostBeeld’s Freestampcatalogue I discovered items that took me back to a previous article published on April 29th, 2014, entitled ‘Tin Can Mail’. A wonderful lady, Betty Billingham, provided most of the information for the article and I thoroughly recommend a visit to her website, to not only read about her fascinating life history but also to view her photo gallery, as she is an extremely accomplished photographer.

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Operation Marketgarden

…… was the title of a 1974 book and 1977 film, the main subject of which was the failed Second World War allied military campaign ‘Operation Market Garden’. September 17th is the 62nd anniversary of  that operation, which is remembered annually in Arnhem – the Dutch city where the attack took place.

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moensIn the late 1970s a fascinating series of articles written by Mr. K. Kouwenberg about the history of Stamp Collecting, appeared in the Dutch magazine Philatelie. This series has been the source of inspiration for PostBeeld owner Rob Smit to rewrite the history of stamp collecting in instalments. This is Part 15 – Jean Baptiste Moens. Moens is undoubtedly one of the most famous names in the history of philately. As a very active trader from his base in Brussels, he had an enormous influence on philately in Europe. Not for nothing is he also immortalised on the Belgian postage stamp from 1973, shown below. The stamp was issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the Belgian Association of Stamp Dealers.

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kopjeAs loyal followers of Dutch model Doutzen Kroes on Instagram  we’ spotted a post on which she shows a Dutch stamp with her likeness. Is this a possibility??

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Freddie MercuryUndoubtedly there will be some Queen fans today who commemorate singer Freddie Mercury today because he would have turned 70 this day. Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara on 5 september 1946 in Stonetown in what was then Zanzibar.

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