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Issuing program Stamp Catalogues


Every year, at different times, new stamp catalogues are issued. Not only from Michel but also Yvert, the latter with new geographical classification. Besides these big world catalogues, appearing this year are the Facit (featuring Nordic countries) and Sakura (Japan-specific) catalogues. This year Michel also publishes its Overseas catalogues (published every few years).
You are assured of many new additions. Michel’s annual Europe catalogues have naturally incorporated all new issues. Additionally, Michel has also this year a variety of Motif catalogues.

Through the link below, you can keep an eye on the ever-changing issue programme.

Take a look at the available stampcatalogues here

Throughout the year, we are working to keep this page up to date, but if you still have questions about the programme or about a specific catalogue, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your query.

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