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You’re joking!!


It’s often said that it is good for your health to laugh. This article is dedicated to some of the most popular comedy talents that have entertained and amused people worldwide AND have been depicted on postage stamps.Probably the most World-renowned is Charlie Chaplin, considered by many to be one of the most important figures in the history of the film industry. Born in Britain to a povert-stricken family in 1889, he gained fame in the United States of America as a silent movie actor, producer and director.

Among the many Chaplin stamps are these, issued by Mozambique in 2009 to commemorate the 120th anniversary of his birth.

Laurel and Hardy were a very funny double act, starring in more than 100 films as a duo from 1921 to 1951. Stan Laurel, like Charlie Chaplin, was also born in Great Britain. The slim Laurel and his larger American counterpart, Oliver Hardy were already established comedy actors in silent films before they first appeared together in the film ‘The Lucky Dog’ in 1921.

There are also many stamps featuring Laurel and Hardy, such as the one shown here from Albania from the year 1999.

This may also make you smile.

The American comedienne, Lucille Ball, appeared in many films, dating back to 1933 and starred in the eponymous television series ‘I Love Lucy’ which ran for 180 episodes from October 1951 until May 1957. Her last film appearance was in 1985 in ‘Stone Pillow’. She died in 1989.

This stamp was released by the United States Postal Service in 2001 as part of its ‘Legends of Hollywood’ stamp series.

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