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Bus Parcel Stamps

Bus parcel stamps 1949

busparcel stampBus parcel stamps were introduced in Finland on January 1st, 1949. They were issued by the Finnish Post Office for use on parcels carried on motor coach services (including private companies).
The first issue comprised five values inscribed in Finnish (Autopaketti) and Swedish (Bilpaket), with a posthorn motif, value and serial number.

Bus parcel stamps 1949
Bus Parcel stamps from 1949

A pictorial design, showing a motor coach, was substituted in 1952 and the Swedish inscription changed to ‘Busspaket’.


Other sets were issued in 1963 ……



….. and 1981

Bus parcel stamps 1981

As part of the 2013 Europa stamp issue, subject Postal Transport, Finland released two items. The first shows a modern postal vehicle, a Ford Transit Connect delivery van, and the second depicts a Finnish post bus – a 1933 Volvo LV-70. The post bus operation existed for 78 years, from 1921 to 1999.

Europ CEPT stamps Finland 2013


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