New StampsDay after day new postage stamps are issued depicting a variety of topics. Below you can find a selection of these releases from the whole world.

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new stampcataloguesIn the past month, a lot of new stampcatalogues have been issued. We have made a selection of some major stampcatalogues issued by Yvert and Michel and inform you about their content in this article.

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Btampwars Bolivia (Chaco War)Believe it or not, wars have been fought between countries over postage stamps! Although it has been quiet on the stamp front in recent decades, we only have to go back to 1932 for a real stamp war. This occurred in a then rather volatile South America, specifically between Paraguay and Bolivia.

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svarovskii swan stampWe all know that stamps are printed on special paper. This can be with or without a watermark, with phosphor or fluorine, with special printing inks and gummed or adhesive. Sometimes plastic or other material is used instead of paper to make stamps.  But what about the special stamps issued by Austrian Post in September 2004?

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