New Stamp IssuesAlmost on a daily basis new stamp-issues are being released worldwide. We at Freestampmagazine see a lot of new stamps every day and have decided to make a selection of nice stamps that we spotted. Today we will highlight some of the most recent stamp issues from different countries in the first part of this series, which we simply call ‘New Stamps’.

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SamosSometimes philately can provide you with a mystery. Take this stamp for example. What kind of stamp is it, and what is the significance of the “Samos Turkey 1926” imprint? Nowadays it is very handy that you can enlist the aid of a specialised association to help your investigation – in this case the Greece Stamp Club.

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1914 for king and empire new zealandAt 3pm on 5 August 1914, an audience of around 15,000 huddled together in front of the steps of parliament. The crowd excitedly cheered as the Governor, Lord Liverpool stepped forward from a group of his peers. As he made the announcement, you could feel the crowd’s sparks of excitement grow into a roaring flame. Wellington was abuzz with the news that had spread throughout the city – New Zealand was going to war.

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