tin-can-mailThe story begins back in 1882 when William Travers, a plantation manager, found himself ‘marooned’ on the tiny doughnut-shaped island of Niuafo’ou, half way between Fiji and Samoa. It is nothing more than the tip of a volcano jutting out of the vast blue waters of the Pacific.

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WWI-stamps-Australia-2014This stamp issue is the first in a five-year series that commemorates World War I, the first war in which Australians fought not as colonial soldiers but as Australians. Together the five issues will tell a chronological story of the war, with each issue relating to the centenary year in which it is released.

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British-Guyana Mr. John E. du Pont’s award-winning collection of classic British Guiana stamps will come up for sale via auctioneer David Feldman, on June 27, 2014, in Geneva. The auction house has been selected to offer du Pont’s Grand Prix Collection of British Guiana, which includes over 200 individual items, among them great single rarities with mint, used and original covers.


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Harvey-Milk-forever-stampThe U.S. Postal Service® is proud to honor the life of Harvey Milk, a visionary leader who became an iconic figure in the struggle for gay civil rights. In 1977, Milk was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, making him one of the first openly gay elected officials in the United States. His career was tragically cut short nearly a year after he took office, when he and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone were assassinated.

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april-14-in-stampsStamps are a great way to illustrate various historical events. The significance of  some of these major events is often equalled by  the amount of stamp issues related to it. Let’s have a look at some of the historical events that took place on the 14th of april.

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Children stamp TaiwanIn the follow-up to the popular “Children at Play Postage Stamps (Issue of 2013)” issued on April 2, 2013, Chunghwa Post is releasing another five-stamp set in the same vein, each with a denomination of NT$5.

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Overprints on postage stampsThat stamps are issued with the name of the issuing country and the value is well known. Also that Britain didn’t place its name on stamps, just the image of its head of state. And the value of a stamp in many countries is now shown with a letter or number. But stamps with overprints, to change the original stamp intention, are not seen so much nowadays.

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zlatan ibrahimovic stamp SwedenHe is a hero in his home country and second-highest goalscorer for the national football team and now Sweden striker Zlatan Ibrahimović will be the face most postmen, mail senders and recipients will frequently see in his homeland.

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Anne Frank on stamp IsraelDuring Postex, I saw on display by a stamp dealer an envelope on which was stamped a very familiar picture for a Dutchman: the statue of the Docker in Amsterdam. Why would you find such an image on an envelope issued by the Israeli postal service?


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