Classic Children's TV Stamp Set Great Britain 2014Peppa Pig, the Wombles and the Magic roundabout are just a few of the TV shows coming to life this year with the Royal Mail classic children’s TV stamps. 12 Mint Stamps , each one featuring original images from our chosen TV programmes. Made even more charming and collectable by the fact that each character is breaking out of the standard stamp format.

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Chinese DinosaursChina has as many as 140 recorded dinosaur species, representing one-sixth of the world’s total, and is recognised as a major dinosaur region. This stamp issue features six Chinese dinosaurs: Daxiatitan binglingi, Microraptor gui, Lufengosaurus magnus, Tuojiangosaurus multispinus, Protoceratops andrewsi and Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis.

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PostBeeldStamps and PostBeeld belong together. More than 25 people work here every day dealing with everything concerning stamps. The accompanying photo report gives a peek behind the scenes of the PostBeeld office in Haarlem.

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Postpakketzegel-11-cnt-15-cntRecently somebody asked me if I knew anything about two Dutch “te betalen / port” (postage (due) to be paid) stamps. The stamps in question are the 11 and 15 cent overprints shown below. Intuitively the first place to look for these stamps would be in a Dutch stamp catalogue and then under the subject ‘Portzegels’.

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1 Franc carmine tête-bêche pairThis 1 Franc carmine tête-bêche pair is one of the great rarities of French philately and is part of the British Library’s incredible permanently-exhibited stamp collection.

Louis Napoleon became Emperor Napoleon III in 1852 and his head appears on the stamps of the 1853-61 series. The pair shown here date from 1853.

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Russia-1977-Antarctic-research-icebreaker-ship-stampOn August 17, 1977, at 4am Moscow time, the atomic icebreaker Arktika, having overcome the ice of the Central Polar Basin, became the first surface craft to reach the North Pole. The icebreaker covered 2,528 miles in 7 days.

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Astere stampLatvijas Pasts (the Latvian postal service) has released the first stamps denominated only in euros. Six new additions were made to its ‘Flowers’ series, each with a different denomination.

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happy postcrossing Belarus stampThe postal service of the Republic of Belarus recently issued a stamp entitled “Happy Postcrossing!”. Perhaps, like me, you haven’t heard the term before – if you have please ignore the following explanation.

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canadapostCanada Post is planning to change Canada’s postal system from home delivery to what are known as “community mailboxes” — metal, multi-slot structures already in use at the ends of many suburban streets. Under the plan, which Canada Post says it will implement over the next five years, everyone in Canada will get a mail key, and will have to walk a little farther to collect each day’s post.

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wfp0398 - Thomas EdisonOn this day in 1931, Thomas Edison submitted his last patent, a patent for a device with which you can hold an article to be electroplated.

The first great invention developed by Edison in Menlo Park was the tin foil phonograph. While working to improve the efficiency of a telegraph transmitter, he noted that the tape of the machine gave off a noise resembling spoken words when played at a high speed. This caused him to wonder if he could record a telephone message.

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